Response Manager

Response Manager: Intelligent Server-Based Email Management Software

You know that your company is receiving emails, but can you answer these questions?

  • How many emails are received each day into your company's Group Mailboxes?
  • Who answers each of these emails?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do agents provide the right answers?

What our email management software provides:

  • Integrates with most standard email clients and is used to route, track, report on, and archive your corporate asset email communication sent to such group inboxes as: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
  • With customizable rules, a complete communication history and a powerful reporting engine, your email customer service will become as efficient as possible. Important emails can't be lost, avoided, forgotten or mismanaged.
  • emailtopia’s email management software works with all existing corporate mail servers (such as Microsoft Exchange) and supports industry standard mail protocols such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP.


How it works:

Response Manager works intuitively to guide your team through the four stages of group mailbox management:

  • Routing emails to the right person to drive an effective reply to the customer.
  • Tracking reply times and audit history to ensure service levels are being met.
  • Reporting every aspect of email management and performance.
  • Archiving historical emails for future reference.



Here are some things you get with Response Manager that you can't do with Exchange alone:

  • Fully auditable message assignment within each group mailbox so that users will never again be confused about who is answering which message. Various automatic distribution methods along with fully configurable business rules let you design an email workflow that exactly fits the way you do business.
  • Response Manager's multi-categorization technology lets you eliminate the email-burying public folders nightmare indicative of most Exchange implementations while making emails more searchable and more reportable—the foundation of truly accountable email practices.
  • The ability to create group mailbox specific, server controlled, standard responses. No more cumbersome cutting and pasting from Word documents into email messages to answer commonly asked questions. With Response Manager you simply drag and drop a message onto a standard response and you're done. 3 second reply time achieved.
  • To maximize the efficiency of your customer service staff you need to monitor and analyze agent email performance. Microsoft Exchange by itself simply doesn't have the tools to report on agent and shared mailbox performance. As the number of emails your organization receives continues to grow, it becomes critical to know how productively and timely your agents are responding to the increased volume. Response Manager’s sophisticated reporting system will allow you to take your email response process to the next level. The savings in money and time are there for you to capitalize on.

How does Response Manager pricing work?

The emailtopia solution fits a wide range of client requirements.

We have assisted customers of all sizes in tackling their email management challenges. Whether you are a small team or department providing critical services within your organization, or a large call center with hundreds of agents, our solution can accommodate your email business process.

The solution pricing is based on these key factors:

  1. The number of named or registered users (agents replying to emails).
  2. The number of Team Group Mailboxes (Email Queues) required by the organization.
  3. The Deployment, Training and Support services needed to implement your solution.
  4. Advanced routing workflows and business processes based on your exact requirements.

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Email now accounts for the majority of communication between companies and their customers. How efficient is your organization at email management? Have you done everything you can to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with your email customer service?

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Response Manager

Since 1997, Response Manager, our email management software, has helped organizations in a variety of industries to dramatically improve their customer service email management.

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