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Email Workflow Management for Shared Mailboxes

  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook
  • Comprehensive reporting mechanisms
  • Optimizes workflow so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Automatic distribution system to save time
  • Immediate responses to satisfy customers
  • Detailed tracking so you know what happened everytime

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“Since implementing Emailtopia’s Response, our agents’ productivity has increased by 80%!”

– Jason Sarjue, Director of Customer Service, Strategic CS

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  • Why it matters to manage team email inboxes effectively
  • The three primary challenges in the way of effective team email inbox management
  • What needs to be put in place to overcome those three challenges
  • How Emailtopia Response can help your team become more efficient and productive
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Improving email handling productivity begins with making sure that prioritized messages get to the correct agents as quickly as possible. Response offers a winning combination of rules, categorization and scheduling to streamline message distribution in even the most complex workflow situations.

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With Response, you’ll know exactly how long it’s taking your agents to respond to inbound emails. You can measure productivity by the agent, group mailbox or category. Unique reports can be created to link email data with backend ERP & CRM data, shedding light on business processes that were previously impossible to measure.

Email is only part of the workflow equation. Order management in ERP systems and customer management in CRM systems are the two most common internal applications that agents engage with as part of the email handling process. Response acts as the bridge between the customer’s email and backend activities that the interaction drives.

Work in Microsoft Outlook! Response’s unique ability to keep agents working in the most commonly used email client in the world is a huge productivity booster. Of course, there’s a Web client too!

Since absolutely everything that happens to a message is tracked, you’ll always know what’s going on with your inbound emails. You’ll be able to drive superior service levels, resulting in significantly improved customer satisfaction.

Ensure your agents always have another email in their queue by using Response’s automatic message distribution. This reduces your agent’s downtime, and also removes the need for a manager to distribute emails manually.

Serious software. Serious customer service.

Emailtopia Response lowers the cost of transactions involving email by streamlining, automating and personalizing the entire inbound email lifecycle for group mailboxes. This includes intelligently routing inbound emails to agents, facilitating accurate and prompt responses and providing the tools to measure
and audit email interactions.

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That’s not all, take a look at these features

  • Easily track adherence to service level agreements

  • Drill into agent and team performance

  • Display real time dashboards on any display

  • Categorize messages to drive reports and search

  • Design complex email workflows using rules

  • Create reusable auto-responses to FAQs

  • Integrate with Active Directory for unified login

  • Leverage ERP and CRM integrations

  • Flexible retention and archiving policies

  • Define user schedules to drive message workflow

  • Receive automated alerts for performance reports

  • Easily search your archive of emails