Email Workflow Management for Shared Mailboxes

  • Keep working in Outlook

  • Report in real time – track performance

  • Optimize workflow – improve productivity

  • Automate message assignment

  • Speed up reply times – keep customers happy!

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•   Three primary challenges with shared team mailbox management

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•   How Emailtopia Response can improve your team’s efficiency and productivity


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You’re in great company, meet some of our clients

“Since implementing Emailtopia’s Response, our agents’ productivity has increased by 80%!”

– Jason Sarjue, Director of Customer Service, Strategic CS

Streamline message distribution. Use rules to route your team’s prioritized messages to the most appropriate agent. Make use of scheduling tools to maximize efficiency.

Know exactly how long your agents take to respond to inbound emails. Measure productivity by agent, team or category. Identify trends over time. Display a real-time dashboard to empower employees Why men have problems with ejaculation: ED treatments

Connect your customers’ inbound emails with backend systems such as CRM and ERP. Map the entire transaction. See the whole picture.

Boost productivity. Save training time. Keep agents working in the most commonly used email client in the world.

Never lose an email again. Keep track of everything. Drive superior service levels. Improve customer satisfaction.

Automate message distribution, freeing up time & resources. Keep agents busy – but never overwhelmed. Choose from standard distribution methods or commission a custom solution.

Serious software. Serious customer service.

Emailtopia Response lowers the cost of transactions involving email by streamlining, automating and personalizing the entire inbound email lifecycle for group mailboxes. This includes intelligently routing inbound emails to agents, facilitating accurate and prompt responses and providing the tools to measure
and audit email interactions.

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That’s not all, take a look at these features

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  • Easily track adherence to service level agreements

  • Display real-time dashboards

  • Create customized auto responses

  • Integrate with Active Directory for unified login

  • Deploy Response on mobile platforms

  • Adopt powerful but flexible archive policies