The following is a work-through process that can be used to locate substandard messages being sent out by your Emailtopia’s Response agents. Though we present it as a complete three-part procedure, any of these three steps can be used individually to aid in quality control.

1. Scanning the Hourly Group Mailbox Volume Report — Often people will wait until the last minute in order to carry out a task. In the context of email response this might mean that agents are waiting until the end of the day to send out their email replies. While it could be the case that your team’s average reply time is within standards, if you look at the Hourly GMB (Group Mailbox) report you may see something that could be a cause for concern. If agents are scrambling at the end of the day to get out their email replies, you will be able to see this in the Hourly Group Mailbox Volume Report. If you see that a particular group mailbox has a significant portion of the emails for the day going out in the last hour of the day (in the example below, assume that the team’s shift ends at 2pm), this should be a cause for concern, as team members are likely rushing to get messages out, and the quality of responses is likely suffering.

















2. Look at Individual Team Member Performance — Once you have realized that there is an issue with your team responding to too many messages in the last portion of their shift, you can zero-in on individual users with the Hourly User Volume Report (see image below). In particular with this report you can see when messages were received and when they were responded to. Again, the same principle holds as with the Hourly GMB report (this team’s shift ends at 2pm), if messages are being responded to in large part at the end of the shift, this is a potential cause for concern. The next step is to look at actual examples of messages that the individuals in question are sending out at the end of the shift.
















3. Quality-Checking Messages Using Search Function — Once team leaders have become suspicious of particular agents sending out a high percentage of their messages at the end of the day, it is important to take a look at the content of the messages that they are sending out during this period. In order to do this it is simply a matter of using the Response Manager Search Utility, and looking for messages sent by a particular user on a particular date. Take a look at these messages and look to see if the quality is inferior. By going through this check you can make sure that there is a problem, and you if there is you may find examples to show the agent to aid him or her in the correction of their message response quality.