Displaying large screen Response dashboards within the department means everyone can see how the team is tracking on email SLAs and backlog, and can help boost productivity. All you need to run the dashboard is a large screen and computer connected to it. The least expensive computer that can easily run the dashboard is a Raspberry Pi. This is an inexpensive, very small computer that runs Linux. There are a few different models, but at the Emailtopia office we run our dashboards on the Pi 3 which by itself costs less than US$50. This model’s wireless connectivity means that the computer and all the connecting cables can easily be hidden away from view, tucked up behind the monitor with a simple wall mount.

It’s only 3.3 inches by 2.2 inches (85.5mm x 56.5mm). There’s a great little case for it as well.

We recommend you buy a starter kit. They’re around US$100 and include a power supply, case, SD Card for the operating system, and adapters for plugging in the HDMI cable and keyboard/mouse. To buy one online, go to raspberrypi.org and select a seller close to you.

Emailtopia can provide a flashed SD card preloaded with a customized version of the Raspbian-Jessie OS, complete with Chromium browser and Real-VNC server configured to best support the Response dashboards. Visit the Support section of our website or talk to your Account Manager for more information on running real-time dashboards on a Raspberry Pi.