How to effectively use Administration Reports

Out of the box Emailtopia Response offers 30+ different reports that measure team and user performance. When Response’s standard reports aren’t enough Emailtopia is happy to work with our customers to provide custom reporting solutions.

Is your organization in the process of adding new teams to Response or evaluating workflow for existing teams? The Administration reports can be a useful tool for an at a glance look at group mailbox, rule and user configurations.

The Administration User report provides access, privilege and schedule details for any and all Response users.

The Administration Group Mailbox report includes a list of users working from a particular mailbox, their user options (Admin, Approver, etc.) and privileges, as well as the mailbox message assignment and schedule.

Tip: Messages not being assigned to certain users? Check to ensure a user’s schedule was set when the message arrived and if you’re using Round Robin that the “Don’t  Auto-Assign” user option is not selected.

The Administration Rules report provides a breakdown of all the system and incoming and outgoing mailbox rules.

Tip: Rules are executed in the order listed. If a rule doesn’t appear to be firing as designed this may be to due an action of “stop rules processing” on an earlier listed rule.