While many Emailtopia deployments begin in a single department, there are several other teams of a typical organization that can benefit from the Emailtopia Response approach to managing their team inbox workflow.

Customer Service is where many Emailtopia journeys begin. The ability to triage inbound emails, to balance the speed of automation with the connection of personalized responses, and to keep a busy CS team as efficient and productive as possible, all combine to make a very compelling case for Response. Plus, of course, all the benefits of tracking, reporting, searching and archiving messages that provide vital management tools for the organization.

The finance team shares many of the same pain points as customer service operations. The balance between keeping customers and suppliers happy on one hand, while chasing payments or resolving issues on the other, is a delicate one. Much of that interaction is typically by email, whether it is the exchange of invoices, purchase orders and so on, or the gentle reminders to remit funds. And it goes without saying that those emails tend to be vitally important to the functioning of the business, time-sensitive, and sometimes (especially in the case of accounts receivable) need delicate handling and watertight conversation tracking.  Emailtopia provides all of those things!

For IT, infrastructure, and operations groups, it may be that most email correspondence is internal to the organization, with staff members needing support and advice on particular issues, or with items from other departments requiring action. Response can help here, too: rules can look for particular phrases within the subject or body of an email in order to assign it to the most appropriate resource; schedule-aware distribution algorithms ensure that emails are only sent to people who are available to respond.

Other business functions have just as many reasons to look to Emailtopia Response for help if they work with shared or team mailboxes. Inside sales, bookings management or order-processing teams can become much more efficient if inbound email is distributed in a managed way. Administration staff – whose role often includes “triaging” inbound email to work out where it should be assigned – can spend their time on more productive tasks instead, if an automated assignment system is deployed.  Engineering and production teams can be certain that they have the latest version of a drawing, or that annotations and amendments sent as email attachments are properly catalogued and accounted for.

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