Intelligently utilizing our client’s resources to assist their customers is what Emailtopia has always encompassed. In today’s world of extreme specialization, organizations continue to develop more dynamic workflows, more so than ever a resolution for a customer email transaction can require multiple inputs across several teams. When this works it’s great, as the team members best suited to assist a customer are able to co-operate – providing customers with a complete and concise response to their request.

Email workflows that include both teams working with and without Response can create blind spots in tracking and reporting. When a customer’s inquiry floats between multiple teams and agents it can be difficult to pinpoint the origin of an issue and how to improve your processes in the future. To get a clear picture on your workflow efficiency and a comprehensive audit trail ensure all your teams handling customer emails have Response.

Adding new teams or users with Response is easy and managing new users is painless – our Approval feature allows senior team members privileges to review and approve messages worked by new team members before message replies are sent to customers. This feature can also be used for any team where quality assurance is of the utmost importance.  You can find this feature in the Web Admin by choosing a group mailbox, then clicking the users tab and assigning the roles of “Approver” and “Needs Approval” to users.

Note this feature is mailbox specific so if users are a part of multiple mailboxes this feature will have to be assigned to a user for each mailbox. For more information on how to approve a message please refer to our documentation:

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