Occasionally, Response users raise a support ticket because their reporting engine appears not to be accurately reflecting the response times of some users in a group mailbox. Often, it turns out that the reason for this is a misunderstanding over the importance of always working in the My Messages folder, and not answering email messages from the Unassigned folder.

The My Messages folder contains messages assigned to a specific user. Messages appear here when automatically assigned to that user by Response, when claimed by a user, or when manually assigned by another user. Once a message is moved into an agent’s My Messages folder he or she becomes the owner of that message. Messages will disappear from My Messages once closed or disclaimed.

There are a few very important reasons to always work from the My Messages Folder:

  1. We never want to split responsibility between 2 agents: once a message it in your My Messages folder it is now yours, and there is no possibility of another agent trying to respond to the same message. If you work out of the Unassigned folder, another agent may try to take ownership of the same message, which could allow for 2 separate replies to the same message.
  1. Working out of the My Messages folder helps with creating a clear audit trail of a message’s path through the system, and makes it easier to search for a message later on. Response’s logs will note exactly when a message was assigned to a particular user’s My Messages folder, and why. Remember that there are several potential reasons why a message can be assigned to a specific user: manual assignment (by yourself or another user), a Round Robin distribution, a rules-based assignment, or because the message is a reply being assigned to its previous owner.
  1. Additionally, if a user replies to a message from the Unassigned folder, the reporting engine will inaccurately report an agent reply time of zero (as this clock starts running when a message is assigned to a user’s My Messages folder), and will not add to the number of messages replied by that user. This means when you generate a report for an agent’s activity it will give a misleading impression of both efficiency (time to reply to messages) and productivity (volume of messages replied).

Please visit our documentation page for more information on using the My messages folder.