Response does its magic by identifying messages destined for a team inbox as they arrive on your corporate mail server, and processing them according to the business logic that has been set up. During the installation process one of the fundamental tasks is to ensure that Response is talking properly to the corporate mail system.

With the rapid growth of off-premise mail servers, from private hosted servers to cloud-based Office 365 systems or other SaaS platforms, it is important that your Response installation is able to continue its conversations with your new mail servers. For customers who are updating their email infrastructure, we strongly recommend that a part of the process should be to reach out to Emailtopia to check whether there any specific instructions for migrating your installation.

At Emailtopia we appreciate that there are many complex considerations involved in deciding whether to host email services on-premises, on a private hosted server, or fully in the cloud. Response lives happily with any of these scenarios. In most instances where the most recent version of Response is installed the process of migrating platforms will be straightforward, but for some older versions of Response there is a set of steps you will need to take to ensure continuing compatibility with Office 365 or other off-premises hosted email services.

This may include a recommendation to upgrade to the most recent Response version. For customers with an up-to-date support and maintenance contract, there is no cost associated with upgrading Response or for technical support during regular business hours. For any customers without a valid maintenance agreement, or who require out-of-hours help, there may be costs associated with engaging Emailtopia Support for upgrade assistance. Please contact your account manager or Emailtopia Support for more details.