Custom development solutions are available for your unique workflow or reporting requirements. Here’s two examples of how development work can save your team time and improve your workflow processes.

Do Not Disturb Dashboard – Emailtopia offers historical reporting on user’s Do Not Disturb behaviour but for team managers with users that constantly utilize the DND functionality we’ve got a helpful dashboard to track this activity in real-time.


Customer Details Script – Designed to help users save time looking up customer terms, etc. in a CRM or other tool when replying to quotes. This script inserts details from a spreadsheet stored on the Response server into the message body based on the sender’s email domain. This inserted information is removed from any agent replies to this message, so the information is never customer-facing.

If your organization has any teams that could benefit from these custom work enhancements or something similar, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.