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Emailtopia is the leading provider of software and services for managing corporate inbound email to group mailboxes. Since 1997, Emailtopia has a distinguished client base that spans many verticals including financial services, retail, insurance, and government agencies. Emailtopia’s flag ship Response is the premier solution for transactional email management.

Email is both the original and leading application for the Internet—especially for businesses. Every company provides email for the employees, partners and customers; however, most companies have not considered some basic email questions, like:

  • Are emails sent to group mailboxes (i.e. sales@, info@) being answered promptly and professionally?
  • Are my customers and partners satisfied with their email interactions with us?
  • Are the emails to group mailboxes (which are almost always in support of transactions) being tracked? Do you know which agents/reps/staff worked on the email?
  • Can you run meaningful reports on the emails you receive (numbers of emails, processing times, staff performance, emails by product, region, specialty, etc.)?
  • Can you define complex workflows to segment emails according to staff dependencies?

These may seem like basic questions (and they only scratch surface!), but most organizations cannot provide confident answers. Emailtopia is dedicated to helping organizations improve their email processes, both internally and externally.

Emailtopia Response

We have independently developed several mechanisms to make your business more efficient, ensuring you’ll never miss a lead or an important email.


If you would like to learn in detail how Emailtopia Response works, we have created white-papers that explain the principles of our email management software, how the operational dashboard facilitates easy access to information, and how other useful mechanisms support your business goals.

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We aspire to protect customer privacy through the design of our products and processes, as well as through other information security safeguards. Learn more in our privacy statement.

We’re committed to providing effective support for you, which means making sure that no matter what time it is, you can find answers to your questions on our support page.

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