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Custom Development Update

Click here to return to newsletter page Custom development solutions are available for your unique workflow or reporting requirements. Here’s two examples of how development work can save your team time and improve your workflow processes. Do Not Disturb Dashboard – Emailtopia offers historical reporting on user’s Do Not [...]

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Winter Holiday Notice

Click here to return to newsletter page Emailtopia’s offices will be closed December 25th, 26th and January 1st. Please use your usual procedure for urgent or out-of-hour support. To submit an urgent support request please send an email to with the Response service log files for review. Please [...]

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Three Response tips for the holiday season

Click here to return to newsletter page 1. Adjust User and/or Group schedules Both Users and Group Mailboxes use schedules in Response. The user schedule directs when emails are assigned to users if auto-assignment like Round Robin is turned on. Group mailbox schedules are more for reporting purposes, to [...]

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Maximizing Response RAM usage

Click here to return to newsletter page Is your server providing the maximum performance it can? It appears that there are some default registry settings that may occasionally prevent Emailtopia Response from accessing all the memory capcity that your server has to offer, adversely affecting the performance of the [...]

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Migrating Mail Servers

Click here to return to newsletter page Response does its magic by identifying messages destined for a team inbox as they arrive on your corporate mail server, and processing them according to the business logic that has been set up. During the installation process one of the fundamental tasks is [...]

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