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Contacting Support

Our general support hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

Email us at support@emailtopia.com or call us at 416-239-4826 and select Option 2 for Support.

For support contract holders, please refer to your support agreement for priority contact information as well as after-hours support information. For information on obtaining or renewing your support contract, please contact sales@emailtopia.com.

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Best Practices

Support FAQs

Emailtopia will respond to requests for standard help desk support within an average of four (4) business hours from the receipt and log-in of a call from the contract holder.
Urgent requests will be prioritized and escalated.

Urgent Requests are defined as a Priority Level 1 error. These are Response Manager errors that result in an emergency condition that causes a critical impact to customer’s operation.

To expedite your request – send your Response Manager log files.

Requests for emergency support out-side your support hours will be subject to additional costs.

If you request emergency support after hours and you have a valid support agreement, the cost is 1 hour minimum of US$250. US$495 per hour if you do not have a valid support agreement.

  • Your version of Response Manager.
  • If it is a new issue or relates to an existing case.
  • Problem detail such as performance issue, Server is off-line/not starting, affecting all users, or just one user.
  • Indicate any recent changes such as server migration, or Version Upgrade.
Please forward the following log files (compressed with a ZIP utility, if possible) to support@emailtopia.com

1. The Response Manager service’s log files. These file are located in the Serverlogs and ServerLogsoldServeRLogs subdirectories of the Response Manager installation directory.

For example: C:Program FilesemailtopiaResponse ManagerServerlogsservice.txt

For example: C:Program FilesemailtopiaResponse ManagerServerlogsoldServerLogs*.*

2. Your mail logs. These are located in the ServerlogsoldMailLogs subdirectory of the Response Manager installation directory.

For example: C:Program FilesemailtopiaResponse ManagerServerlogsoldMailLogs

For example: C:Program FilesemailtopiaResponse ManagerServerlogsMail.log

3. The RM Test log. Run all tests with the RM Test utility to generate the log. (With Response Manager 6.0, this log file can be sent directly using the “Send to emailtopia” button.)

RM Test can be found in the Start / Programs / Response Manager menu of your Response Manager server. You may also run it directly from the Response Manager installation directory, ServerBinUtilitiesRMTest.exe.

If the total size of the information exceeds 9mb in size, please upload it to our FTP at the information below, and notify us that you have uploaded it and the name of the file you uploaded it as.

The emailtopia Technical Support staff recommends that you upload the requested files to our customer access FTP site. Please note that any files placed here will be removed once the Technical Support staff has received them, and placing any files not related to an Open Ticket will result in removal of access to the FTP site.

You can connect to the FTP site at:


Login: customer@emailtopia.com
Password: loadup!em

Please place your files in the Customer folder.

Looking for the latest versions of Emailtopia Response to download? Please email support@emailtopia.com and request a download link.

You can access the online guides for users or administrators using the links below:

Customer Point of Contact Obligations

The customer will provide emailtopia’s support team with sufficient detail to permit emailtopia to understand and reproduce the problem. If a full description is not given, this could lead to delays in service, as cases will be prioritized by the emailtopia support team based on the support request description.

The customer understands they may need to provide the appropriate resources and staff including a user team liaison and an IT team liaison to work with emailtopia’s support technical team during a support case.

The customer shall nominate one or two persons to be the point of the contact for any support requested and received. Support may only be provided to the nominated contact and the customer must ensure that the contact is a competent and knowledgeable user of the software.

The customer’s support request may include problem troubleshooting, which is a process whereby emailtopia’s support team works with the customers nominated contact, to reproduce, isolate, and articulate a reported problem.

emailtopia thoroughly recommends training for all our software. The customer’s named point of contact for emailtopia’s support services should be familiar and have read all product manuals and installer readme documents. Support services may be declined or deferred, if a point of contact is deemed by emailtopia to be insufficiently competent with the software for the issue to be tackled effectively.

Help Desk Support Exclusions In General

emailtopia’s support agreement does not include coverage relating to problems or issues arising out of or from:

i. customer’s use of the Software in a manner for which it was not designed;
ii. damage or malfunction to the hardware on which the software is installed;
iii. installation on an unsupported operating system;
iv. negligence by customer;
v. where the problem is caused by third party applications that have not been developed by emailtopia

Where it is feasible, a client may elect to engage emailtopia’s support team at additional cost to perform additional troubleshooting services on support excluded issues subject to mutual scheduling and a signed statement of work.

Help Desk Support Exclusions – Server Hardware, Virtualization and SQL Server Support

The customer is responsible for supporting the server hardware or virtual environment on which the software is installed, including the operating system.

The customer is responsible for supporting the SQL Server application and the server hardware or virtual environment on which the SQL Server is installed.

Help Desk Support Exclusions – Professional Services

emailtopia’s support agreement does not include consulting or professional services such as:

i. any consultancy advice including, but not limited to, best-practice technical advice, data conversion, engineering advice;
ii. remote access installation, upgrades or server migration
iii. on-site installation or on-site support.
iv. data and application back-ups.

Clients may elect to engage emailtopia’s support team at additional cost to perform additional professional services, subject to mutual scheduling and a signed statement of work.