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Best Practices

Emailtopia’s Response is working well as part of your company’s everyday work cycle. We’ve collected these articles for you to learn about some best practices in regards to getting to most out of Emailtopia’s Response. Have a tip for other users? Let us know!

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Using Signatures to Auto-Categorize Outgoing Messages

Emailtopia Response categories are a great way to tag messages with keywords that make them easy to find at a later date. Most Emailtopia Response administrators have also made great use of incoming rules to auto-categorize messages, [...]

Sending from any group mailbox or alias

If you have users working in multiple group mailboxes and want them to be able to initiate messages from group mailboxes other than their default, you can. This is done when sending a message by [...]

Do you know what’s in your Postmaster mailbox?

Large numbers of open messages in any group mailbox can adversely affect user performance, and the Postmaster mailbox is one that's often overlooked. A little time spent regularly maintaining it will ensure your Emailtopia Response [...]

Don’t Ignore Your “Inbox” Folder

The "Inbox" folder within Emailtopia's Response is something that you may not use very often, but when it is used, it can be very important. For many Emailtopia's Response users and managers, the "Inbox" folder [...]

Corporate Mail Server Attachment File Size

It has been reported that upwards of 80% of all email traffic that makes its way through corporate mail servers is made up of attachments. Super-sized emails with excessive attachments can clog up your inboxes [...]

Service Level Alerts

One key tool for keeping up your email response performance is the use of service level alerts. Service level alerts are set up at the group mailbox level. The alerts are defined with respect [...]

Three Golden Rules

In order to get the most out of Emailtopia's Response, there are 3 Golden Rules that you should make sure everyone follows: Golden Rule #1 - Always Reply from My Messages Always reply to messages [...]

Set alerts on the Postmaster mailbox

It's easy to ignore the postmaster group mailbox. It's there to report on certain types of problems, which hopefully happen infrequently. However, if you don't check it regularly and an unknown problem is causing it [...]

Avoid Disaster…Set System Alerts

We're very proud of the fact that once you set up your group mailboxes and go live, Emailtopia's Response requires no regular administrator intervention. That said, there are times when you'll need to step in. [...]

Create virtual group mailboxes with GMAlias

For example, an online merchant may have multiple domains, each with its own sales email address:,, and If the same agents are managing mail sent to all three addresses, then it makes [...]

Stay One Step Ahead of Spammers

If you see a message come through Emailtopia's Response from an address you remember having blocked, it is likely because the email address you submitted to the Emailtopia's Response "Blocked Senders List" was a fake [...]