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Setting up Emailtopia’s Response is┬ásimple, using the various guides that have been developed over the years. Browse through and reach out to us if you require any assistance in setting up Response for your company.

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How to Add Graphics to Your Standard Responses

For versions of Emailtopia Response that include WebAdmin (i.e. v6.5 and above) the Standard Response tool includes a WYSIWYG editor for HTML emails, which has a simple button to embed images into the standard response [...]

“Assign to Previous Owner” Setting

In Emailtopia Response Version 5.5 and above, the "Assign Replies to Previous Owner" setting has been changed to give you the option of whether or not the user's Do Not Disturb (DND) or Don't [...]

Configuring “Send/Receive” Settings Within Outlook

When setting up Emailtopia Response for your company, take time to ensure that the "Send/Receive" Setting within the Tools menu in Outlook is configured properly. This setting determines when, or if, display information will be [...]

Out-of-Office Exceptions List

Below is our current Out-of-Office Exceptions list. We recommend you copy these into a system word list in Emailtopia Response and use it for ALL rules that send messages out as their action. This is [...]

Service Level Alerts

One key tool for keeping up your email response performance is the use of service level alerts. Service level alerts are set up at the group mailbox level. The alerts are defined with respect [...]

How to Change the Timing of Your Nightly Batch

Changing the timing of your Emailtopia's Response nightly batch can be done very easily: Change the nightly_batch_time="XX:XX" in the mailserver.xml to reflect the new time. Keep in mind that the 24 hour clock is being [...]