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Use this support area to keep up to date on management methods, to learn what features can be used to achieve your objectives and how to stay on top of your email system.

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Message Archiving vs Message Expiry

When you consider Message Archiving and Message Expiry you may intuitively think they are similar processes, because they have similar-sounding names. Additionally, they are grouped together in a single tab in the Server Settings [...]

User Scheduling

Most Emailtopia Response users are scheduled with a regular daily start time and stop time for message distribution (the "simple schedule" option). If required, in all versions of Emailtopia Response since v5.5, administrators have [...]

“Assign to Previous Owner” Setting

In Emailtopia Response Version 5.5 and above, the "Assign Replies to Previous Owner" setting has been changed to give you the option of whether or not the user's Do Not Disturb (DND) or Don't [...]

The Order of Precedence for Routing Emails

Emailtopia Response offers many ways to automate the routing of messages to users which can be very beneficial in streamlining mail business processes within your organization. In order to translate your business process needs into [...]

Message Approval

One Emailtopia Response feature that you are likely aware of but may not use, is Emailtopia Response  Message Approval. Recently we have made changes to this feature so that message approvers can quickly and easily edit [...]

Out-of-Office Exceptions List

Below is our current Out-of-Office Exceptions list. We recommend you copy these into a system word list in Emailtopia Response and use it for ALL rules that send messages out as their action. This is [...]

Using Signatures to Auto-Categorize Outgoing Messages

Emailtopia Response categories are a great way to tag messages with keywords that make them easy to find at a later date. Most Emailtopia Response administrators have also made great use of incoming rules to auto-categorize messages, [...]

Sending from any group mailbox or alias

If you have users working in multiple group mailboxes and want them to be able to initiate messages from group mailboxes other than their default, you can. This is done when sending a message by [...]

User, Group & System Schedules

The system schedule acts only as a template for new group mailboxes and users. It doesn't affect anything else -- neither message assignment nor reports data. The schedule for a group mailbox controls calculation of [...]

“Find Messages” Function

In versions of Emailtopia Response prior to 5.2, expired messages containing html or attachments were not visible within the Find Messages function. In order to view these message components it was necessary to use the [...]

Search Utility Symbols Cheatsheet

We have found that it can be helpful for new users to have a guide to look at that indicates to them what the meaning of the symbols are that are used to represent the [...]

Archiving Series Part 1: Overview

In the context of Emailtopia Response, archiving refers to a process by which messages from the Emailtopia Response server are exported to a searchable Archive SQL database, which is separate from the Emailtopia Response SQL [...]

Archiving Series Part 3: RM Message Archive Importer Service

The Message Archive Importer Service begins with the XML archive files that have been created by the Emailtopia Response server. These files contain the message information that was copied from the original messages in the Emailtopia [...]

Archiving Series Part 4: Archiving Search Utility

The Archive Search Interface provides a familiar and easy to use interface for agents to search for messages in the Archive Database. The search fields available in the Archive Search Interface are not as extensive [...]