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Reporting Primer

In order for our customers to get the most out of the reporting function, we recommend that they take time to learn as much as they can about Emailtopia Response Reporting. This downloadable Reporting Primer has been put together as a resource to help in this learning process.

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Reports Access Privileges

Access to individual reports is determined by the user's status as a 'System Administrator', 'Group Mailbox Administrator', or 'Regular User'. System administrators have full access to all reports. All other users are restricted to reporting [...]

Message Quality

The following is a work-through process that can be used to locate substandard messages being sent out by your Emailtopia's Response agents. Though we present it as a complete three-part procedure, any of these three [...]

Thread Report

One Emailtopia's Response report that can get overlooked is the Daily Thread Report. This report is significant as it allows you to differentiate between the total number of messages that were received into a group [...]

Categories Across Group Mailboxes

To view the data for a category across multiple group mailboxes, you need to run a system report. By using the Group Mailbox report called Category Summary (see first image below), you can also easily [...]

Service Level Metrics

In this article we are going to look at two of Emailtopia Response's reporting metrics that some people have a difficult time understanding: Inside Service Level Number, and Inside Service Level Reply Percentage. Below [...]

Key Email Reporting Ratios

Emailtopia Response offers a plethora of reports to help guide your business towards better email management practices. While the raw numbers in the reports are very useful, it's the ratios between these numbers that often [...]

Initial Replies vs. Total Replies

Most user reports include a column for Initial Replies and another column for Total Replies. The first reply to a message triggers the calculation for reply time for that message in Emailtopia's Response. If you [...]

Open Messages Detail Report

Emailtopia's Response offers dozens of reports to help you run your email business and optimize agent email performance. The Open Messages Detail report is one of those uber-reports that can dramatically streamline your daily oversight function. [...]