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Emailtopia’s Response is a comprehensive system and we understand that sometimes, you want to solve a problem immediately. That’s why we have put together this resource of articles related to troubleshooting problems. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, contact us for support!

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Taking Care of Ghost Messages

A ghost message (also known as an "orphaned" message) is a message that appears to a user to be in one folder, when in fact it is actually in another folder. The most common scenario [...]

Auto-assignment not happening?

If you have a group mailbox configured with either the Round Robin or Load Balanced auto-assignment option and email messages are still appearing in the Unassigned folder, check the following settings for each user who [...]

Removing old alert email messages

If you have deleted old alert email messages from your Inbox but find that they are still visible (with a line through each one, like this), you can remove them by doing the following: Select [...]

List of Mail Log Error Notifications

IN NO 451 451 This error message occurs when the Immediate Message Processing cannot successfully receive a message before its internal timeout triggers it to abort. If several of these occur in quick succession [...]

Sophos Update Compatibility Issue

A recent update to the Sophos Anti-Virus software prevents Emailtopia's Response (and other Java-based applications) from starting. If you are running the Sophos Anti-Virus software, we recommend turning off automatic software updates until Sophos addresses [...]

Resolving Admin Error 70

If a user of RM Admin gets an error 70 (permission denied) when he or she tries to perform certain operations, ensure that the user has full permissions for the RM Admin directory (the default [...]