Start improving your team’s efficiency by ensuring that the right messages get to the right people at the right time.

  • Distribution – choose from round-robin, load-balanced, or manual distribution
  • Categories – assign messages to categories based on any criteria to drive flexible reporting
  • Rules – route messages based on content, category, sender or more
  • Schedules – maximize team productivity by setting mailbox and agent schedules


Accountability is the key to business success. Always know the status of every conversation. Never lose or overlook another email!

  • Numbered conversation threads
  • Complete archive
  • Comprehensive search
  • Full audit trail


KPIs at your fingertips! Add insight to email interactions through timely and relevant performance metrics.

  • Report by agent, team or department
  • Analyze performance of your custom email categories
  • Measure against service level goals
  • Share real-time metrics in dashboards

Integration and customization

Leverage your infrastructure. Keep your team working in familiar environments.

  • Access emails through Outlook, web browser or mobile platform
  • Integrate with CRM and ERP systems
  • Custom development of reports and workflow processing scripts tailor-made for your business