Shared Mailbox Management for Financial Services

The financial services industry is an increasingly competitive space. Over the last decade, the growth of online banking, direct insurance, and virtual financial institutions has changed the nature of client relationships in the industry.

Email has come into its own as a primary medium for exchanging documents, dealing with queries, and processing claims. As an asynchronous, transactional communications protocol, email is the perfect mechanism for handling inbound communications traffic from clients and customers.

And, of course, all financial services institutions operate within the constraints of strict regulatory environments. Not only is it important from a customer-relations standpoint to set and meet aggressive service level agreements, it is typically a requirement to have a strong audit trail of inbound and outbound client communication.

Response from Emailtopia offers:

  • Reporting:¬†Measure and manage group mailbox traffic, team productivity, performance against SLAs, and more.

  • Audit:¬†Everything that happens to a message, from the moment it hits your inbound mailserver, is tracked and logged. This ensures not only regulatory compliance, but also that emails do not get lost or forgotten in busy periods.

  • Workflow optimization:¬†Ensure that messages get to the correct agents as quickly as possible; set up customizable standard responses to simplify and speed up replies to frequent enquiries

  • Integration with other systems: Response is easy to integrate with industry standard CRM and ERP systems, both for message handling (screen-popping customer records, for example) and for reporting (highlighting correspondence from Accounts Payable, for example)


Emailtopia has compiled some documentation that explains in detail how Response works.


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Emailtopia Response lowers the cost of transactions involving email by streamlining, automating and personalizing the entire inbound email lifecycle for group mailboxes. This includes intelligently routing inbound emails to agents, facilitating accurate and prompt responses and providing the tools to measure and audit email interactions.

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Case Studies

We’ve added several case studies for you to look through for a more in depth idea of how Emailtopia Response has been implemented in different industries. If you’re wondering how Emailtopia could help your company, contact us today.