Email Management Tool for Travel, Tourism & Entertainment

Within the travel, tourism, entertainment and hospitality sectors, customer service is king. Repeat business, referrals, recommendations and reviews are all negatively impacted by sub-optimal customer experience. And one of the best ways to ensure great customer rapport is through excellent communication with your customers! Whether it involves confirmation of bookings and itineraries, or resolution of issues and difficulties, the commonest form of communication is via email. That means ensuring every inquiry gets a timely response. It means ensuring continuity in communications. It means effective escalation where appropriate.

All of these things need superlative workflow optimization, performance reporting and more.

Response offers:

  • Workflow optimization: rules-based message distribution, automated standard responses, agent scheduling, and more

  • Comprehensive reporting: monitor and track group mailbox performance. Spot trends such as time-of-day spikes in traffic, issues with particular categories of communication, or employee performance challenges

  • Real-time dashboards: display real-time information to team members to highlight performance against agreed service levels, or to motivate teams through gamification


Emailtopia has compiled some documentation that explains in detail how Response works.


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Emailtopia Response lowers the cost of transactions involving email by streamlining, automating and personalizing the entire inbound email lifecycle for group mailboxes. This includes intelligently routing inbound emails to agents, facilitating accurate and prompt responses and providing the tools to measure and audit email interactions.

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Case Studies

We’ve added several case studies for you to look through for a more in depth idea of how Emailtopia Response has been implemented in different industries. If you’re wondering how Emailtopia could help your company, contact us today.