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Case Study: Load1 Transportation and Logistics

Load1 is a leader in the transportation industry and is looked to as a model when other companies are improving their own operations. For example, Load One was one of the first carriers to test and roll out in-cab scanning and ‘turn-by-turn navigation’ long before it was widely adopted by the industry.

Now Load1 is now leading the transportation industry again with the adoption of new technologies in email management software. Effective email management improves agent interactions with customers, and decreases the average response time of those interactions—resulting in lower salary expenses in the long term, and more revenue from existing clients.


As soon as we launched Response we experienced a 33% increase in our agent’s productivity. This is largely due to the automated message distribution – ensuring that all our agents answer emails as soon as they arrive.

At Load1 we are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition and provide value to our customers. Adding Response achieves this in a major way—and as a result, increases sales.


Pamela Logan, Director of Quality Assurance at Load1, had been managing her team of agents using only Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. The problem arose when she was asked by her managers to produce hard numbers on her team’s performance; her current email management tools were not able to provide that information and so a new solution had to be found.


Improving business’ customer service by tracking performance and automating email management is one fo the founding principles of Emailtopia. As a result of discussions with Load1, Emailtopia recommended its inbound email management solution, Response.

Personalized Customer Interactions

Every customer at Load1 receives personalized service at a level that feels one-to-one, even though there may be multiple agents handling a single customer. This is achieved by a variety of features in Response, which include group mailbox alias provision,built-in conversational affinity, and custom scripting.

Load1 Managers’ Favorite Reports

Emailtopia offers dozens of reports that help managers sort and analyze their performance data. Two of the most popular reports among managers are the Daily User Activity and Category Performance reports. Both reports allow managers to quickly see if there are any problems occurring and—if there are any—a simple click on the agent’s name, mailbox or category is all it takes to investigate the details.

Simple Training—Seamless Transition Going Live

Response primarily operates in the background of Microsoft Outlook and doesn’t affect the user interface; this results in a simple learning curve for agents. Additionally, Response can be deployed almost instantly—meaning there’s no downtime required and your customers won’t have any interruption in service.


A 33% boost to agent performance occurred the minute Response went live at Load1. This increase in productivity translates into Load1 being able to handle more email volume, without the need to increase staffing costs.

However, this is just the beginning. There are many opportunities at Load1 for additional integration and to create more efficiencies. Some examples are creating a link with their CRM system to quickly retrieve customer information, or creating scripts that automatically execute repetitive tasks.

All the performance increases ultimately result in customers getting more thorough service in a faster manner. Load1 is providing this improved level of service, and will reap the rewards that top-tier customer service yields for years to come.

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