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Case Study: Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco is a leading provider of steam system solutions throughout the world, with more than 1,300 dedicated industry engineers in 34 different countries. Spirax Sarco handles any project steam-related, from designing and commissioning new facilities, optimizing and upgrading existing steam systems, to maintaining plant performance through scheduled maintenance. In this industry clients are diverse and widespread making customer service an ongoing priority and challenge.


We’ve experienced a 75% increase in agent productivity since implementing Emailtopia’s Response. This has drastically reduced our average email response time.
Emailtopia’s solution was a perfect fit for us… Response is Outlook compatible and integrated seamlessly with our system. Going live was a smooth transition.


Spirax Sarco receives hundreds of emails every day in their ‘Quotes’ and ‘Orders’ mailboxes. Before finding Emailtopia’s Response, a dedicated triage agent was required to manually distribute incoming emails among the team of agents. This was not an ideal situation as human error can cause mistakes in distribution. Spirax Sarco also required a solution that informed agents how well they were performing on a day-to-day basis, as well as kept them aware of current email backlogs — to better schedule agent breaks.


Spirax Sarco chose Emailtopia’s Response to handle their inbound email. With its built in automatic message distribution system, comprehensive message tracking, detailed performance reporting and full Outlook compatibility — Emailtopia’s flagship solution is a perfect fit for Spirax Sarco. A custom dashboard was also created for Spirax Sarco to keep their email teams informed of current performance and mailbox health. The dashboard highlights key customer service metrics, allowing agents to receive immediate feedback on their performance throughout the day as well as when priority emails require more attention.

Emailtopia’s Response eliminates the need for a dedicated triage agent to manually distribute emails, as this can be done automatically with a Round Robin or Load Balancing methodology. The automatic message distribution is considerably faster than the manual alternative and also eliminates distribution error. This new efficiency allowed Spirax Sarco to reassign their human capital more to more productive roles in the organization.

Real-Time Dashboard: A dashboard that displays key metrics on a large screen was created for Spirax Sarco. The most pertinent metrics were determined by management, and laid out in a visually appealing and easy to read format for the agents.


After going live with Emailtopia’s Response and a customized dashboard, Spirax Sarco noticed immediate improvements in their agent’s email handling time. Management at Spirax Sarco now feels confident that their agents are working with optimal efficiency, using a leading solution for email management globally: Emailtopia’s Response.

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