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Case Study: Strategic CS

Strategic CS has over 30 years of experience in the Financial Consulting industry and are committed to making sure clients have a positive financial future. Strategic CS builds long-term relationships with clients to create long-term and realistic debt relief plans.


Since implementing Emailtopia’s Response, our agent’s productivity has increased by 80%! This has allowed us to handle our growing business without hiring additional agents.


Strategic CS has an internal help desk that receives hundreds of emails each day from consultants within the company. These consultants require certain documents to be processed by the help desk, and the time it takes the help desk to process these documents is critical—as they create the bottleneck in this workflow. Besides requiring a complete email management system, Strategic CS also needed a way to reduce the number of follow-up emails and status updates the consultants would send regarding a single issue—as answering these redundant emails took time away from processing the documents.


To solve this workflow issue, Strategic CS started using Emailtopia’s Response to optimize their email workflow and increase agent productivity. They also opted to create a custom auto-reply that was tightly integrated with their backend ticketing system, this auto-reply provides a ticket number and real-time information on expected wait times every time a new email is received.

Custom Auto-Reply: By integrating with the ticketing system used at Strategic CS and managing the expectations of their consultants, redundant email volume was significantly cut. This is a huge efficiency booster for the agents handling email.

Performance Reporting: Response’s variety of reports brings visibility into previously unknown metrics, such as: individual agent performance, group mailbox performance and closure rates. Response’s reporting gives Strategic CS the information they need to make informed hiring decisions.

Service Level Adherence: Response allows you to closely follow your service levels on an hourly basis. Alerts can be created to notify you when you are in danger of breaching a SLA on one of your group mailboxes


When you’re counting ROI on an investment in the hundreds of percent, everyone is happy. The Strategic CS case study is a story we love sharing because it’s an example of how smooth the implementation can be, and how rapid the results can appear. Aside from achieving all the goals of reducing redundant email traffic and increasing agent productivity, Strategic CS has the added benefit of what we call ‘Continual ROI’. This term refers to the fact that for every additional agent hired, Strategic CS will continue to reap the benefits of Emailtopia’s Response—at no additional cost.

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