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Case Study: Tsubaki

Tsubaki is a world leader in the manufacturing of precision roller chains and power transmission products. For nearly 100 years Tsubaki has built a reputation for pairing ingenuity with dependability with its rugged products, and strives to maintain that reputation with equally impressive customer service.


After implementing Response along with some additional automation and integration with our backend systems, we experienced a 130% improvement in our agents’ average email response time. Our average response time is now less than half of what it was before Response.


The manager of the inside sales department noticed a discrepancy with the data available to his team—the QAD ERP system offered data and metrics on completed orders, however metrics did not include data on team email addresses, such as response times and group mailbox performance. Considering that management made key decisions based upon the data reported through the ERP system, Tsubaki sought a method for managing their email workflow and tracking inside sales agents’ performance.


As this is an inbound email management issue, Emailtopia’s Response suite was a natural fit to provide the inside sales team with the tools necessary to monitor appropriate metrics and improve operational performance. Response not only allows Tsubaki’s managers to transition from manually distributing email to an automated rules-based system, but also provides sophisticated realtime performance monitoring tools and reports. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with Tsubaki’s existing email infrastructure, allowing agents to continue working in a familiar technology environment.

Integration, Custom Scripts & Automation: Emailtopia created a custom script that integrates with QAD—the ERP system deployed across all Tsubaki’s facilities. The script allows QAD to notify Response when a quote or order has been closed, and will close the corresponding email in Response automatically. This custom script saves each agent approximately 60 seconds on every single quote and order email. The yield Tsubaki gains from this one instance of automation alone gets further compounded with every additional agent hired, and each additional email answered.

Performance Reporting, Tracking & Auditing: While dramatically improving a team’s performance is a good thing in any business operation, it is even better to be able to monitor and manage that performance increase, to ensure it is sustained and baked in to the corporate culture. Emailtopia’s Response suite tracks every single aspect of every email in the system, including time of arrival, which agent it was assigned to, elapsed time to process the mail, and when the message was closed. An additional benefit this tracking provides is the ability to track any email, at any time, and find out exactly where in the system it is located (which group mailbox and agent it is assigned to) with the click of a button. Messages that have slipped through the cracks will show up in daily performance reports, ensuring customers’ emails are never forgotten or ignored.


Automating repetitive tasks and integrating Response with existing systems can have staggering results, as in Tsubaki’s case. All the more so as the dramatic and immediate improvement in agent performance was not a key driver in Tsubaki’s search for a reporting tool. A 130% boost to agent performance is an impressive improvement. It not only translates into fantastic SLA scorecards and improved relationships with clients, but ultimately impacts Tsubaki’s bottom line in a significant and positive way. Beyond that, Response has allowed agents responsible for high volume regions to share their workload with less busy agents in other regions. This load-balancing capability has helped to boost the team’s morale.

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