Regular sex in terms of physiology is essential for both women and men. If problems arise, their lives get worse. Men may experience different types of ejaculation disorders (ejaculation): premature ejaculation delay in ejaculation retrograde ejaculation (when sperm is injected from the prostate into the bladder, not from the penis). First, you need to decide whether there is a problem or not. Delay ejaculation is called its absence of more than 30 minutes in continuous sexual contact. The causes are divided into physiological or psychological.

Why a man has a delay in ejaculation

  • Psychological response to the change of partner/circumstances or stress.
  • Attempts to prolong sexual contact in order to satisfy the partner.
  • Reducing the stimulation of the genitals of men in certain areas.
  • Excessive use of alcohol or certain medications.

What needs to be done

A man needs to go to a urologist to rule out the pathology of the sexual system. If you have erectile dysfunction, you can use ED pills from PharmTechi online drugstore, which help to restore erections and maintain it during sexual intercourse. If you are constantly taking medication, read the instructions carefully on possible side effects. Probably, problems in sex are associated with drugs. It is also worth visiting a psychologist or psychotherapist to avoid the effects of stress.

Analyze and remember those postures that lead to maximum stimulation of the penis. If it is not possible to achieve ejaculation with vaginal sex, the doctor advises switching to oral sex or masturbation. A good effect is provided by general massage, active sports. Success in solving this problem depends on the involvement of both partners. Talk, talk to each other.