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Response Time

This white paper examines Total Email Response time by breaking it down into three component parts and explores ways to improve performance in each of these three areas. Effectively managing inbound email as well as chat, phone and other channels can be a tough challenge.

Key to managing inbound email to team or group mailboxes is reducing the average total response time: in other words, helping agents deal with inbound email more efficiently.

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This white paper examines the practical aspects of providing real-time information and makes recommendations on how to use an operational email dashboard. Displaying data in pseudo-real-time has been shown to have a positive impact on team morale and productivity. In addition, gamifying support function and encouraging friendly competition between teams can lead to real business benefits.

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This white paper looks at some of those complexities and proposes solutions to bring the advantages of efficient email workflow management to mobile devices. Email remains the dominant channel for information exchange in many organizations. Email workflow management tools, such as Emailtopia’s Response, have been a staple of great communication management for over two decades. Key employees expect to be able to receive and respond to emails whenever and wherever they choose.

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